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Experience Italy with special holidays

A veritable love affair for the senses

Italian lifestyle goes beyond everyday life in Italy, it is a veritable love affair for the senses. How to live like an Italian is self-evident in film, literature, and social media. You can explore Italy in style with special holidays across land using a variety of makes of Italian car, by sea on a chartered yacht, and by air on a balloon ride or helicopter tour. If your preferred vista is of the cars themselves, then a visit to a vintage car museum will guarantee many pleasing sights to be seen, without the carbon footprint. A planned excursion such as a Dolomites hiking tour or a bike tour may be exactly right for when you want some fresh air and more active recreation. Fancy some retail therapy and a shopping trip to Milan? Our personal shoppers are experts at matching the tastes and preferences of clients to the finest fashion houses, and lesser known boutiques. However, you look to relax, we are there with you every step of the way to ensure that your plans are mapped out to the finest detail, and your itinerary prepared to perfection.
By car, yacht, balloon, or helicopter
Car hire is a little different in Italy, because of our made in Italy expertise in automobile manufacturing. Authentic icons of the Italian automobile industry come in all descriptions, so you can breathe life into your dreams and watch them come to fruition. Not sure what to choose? An outing to a vintage car museum to see Lamborghini, Maserati, Paganini, Ferrari, and others should make the selection process much easier. Or will it? Don’t forget the sea and sky for those once in a lifetime experiences if you prefer not to be limited to terraferma, whether it be by yacht, balloon, or helicopter.
Italian Lifestyle through nature
One of life’s great pleasures is the great outdoors, and what better way to experience Italian Lifestyle than through nature. Walking tours of quaint, history-laden streets, hiking trips for the more adventurous along centuries-old pathways, or, if you prefer two wheels, bike tours of varying incline and difficulty. Italy Travel Mood specialises in off the beaten path experiences, tailored to how you want to experience the Italian countryside, and your Italy.
Passion meets fashion and local specialities
We go the extra mile to set the scene in unique settings such as the show room for a master goldsmiths, or the luxurious Bottega Veneta. Passion meets fashion, and these centres of excellence serve to stimulate and inspire. For a true flavor of authentic Italy, we arrange trips and tours to uncover a multitude of local and regional specialities at source, so you can tantalize your taste buds with Parma ham, pecorino cheese, balsamic vinegar, fine wines and spirits.
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